Photo: Naomi McColloch

Photo: Naomi McColloch


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Kaylan Gies is a photo stylist and graphic artist focused on creating visual solutions for clients across disciplines. Originally from Oakland, she studied studied Graphic Arts at California Institute of the Arts and worked in New York City as a graphic designer, before founding her San Francisco-based studio in 2014.


" After graduating, I worked as an in-house designer for a gallery in New York. I collaborated with a diverse team to develop branding strategies for our rotating exhibition schedule. Over the next three years, I launched a hand-printed exhibition poster series for both east and west coast galleries. I also designed catalogs and collaboratively designed two books that were published in 2014. The rigorous and fast-paced atmosphere offered a strong platform for me to develop as a professional designer, emphasizing the importance of self-sufficiency and accountability in a collaborative environment, as well as the benefit in taking risks in a competitive industry.

I partnered with a collaborator to launch a freelance practice operating in both San Francisco and New York City. We expanded our client base beyond the gallery circuit into fashion, architecture, photography, photo styling and set design. 

I knew when I started photo styling in 2014 that I had found my dream job. By broadening my experience in various creative fields I can more effectively challenge my ideas— becoming a better collaborator, leader, and educator for my clients. Never stop at what simply ~works.~ "


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